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Devkund is one of the beautiful tourist spots of Odisha which is located near the city of Baripada at a distance of around 60 km. It is famous all over the country for the mesmerizing waterfalls and is also a picnic spot for many residents of Odisha who visit here often. The scenic sight of Devkund is located at the hill top and a temple of Goddess Ambika, an incarnated for of Maa Durga is also situated near the Devkund. The idol of Goddess Ambika which is now established at the Ambika Temple located at the Baripada is believed to be brought from here.

Devkund at Baripada

The scenic beauty of Devkund pulls several tourists from across the country every year and this serves as the most suitable destination for the nature lover. The name of Devkund is said to be emerged from the word Devkund which is said to be the bath-tub for the Gods and Goddess. The beautiful waterfall is believed to be the same bath-tub for the Gods and Goddess. It also has several legends related with it and is very much holy and sacred for the Hindus.

Waterfall at Devkund

The waterfall at Devkund is one of the mesmerizing scenes of Devkund. 100 ft tall and almost 600 ft diameter the waterfall at Devkund is one of the most spectacular waterfalls of the state. The crystal clear and sweet water of this waterfall is believed to be very sacred. The water here is that much clear that even under 14 ft depth things can be seen very clear. Unlike this there are four more tanks are also there at Devkund which are named as Bhudarkund, Tailakund, Haridrakund, Devikund and Bhudarkund. Due to these 5 tanks at Devkund it is also known as the Panchaa Sagara Tirtha. As per a popular belief it is said that if any human being take bathe in the waterfall of Devkund he or she regains the strength and is also bless with great health. The water of Devkund not only carries plenty of minerals but is also a home to the medicinal herbs which are found in huge numbers in the forests of Similipal.

Goddess Ambika Temple at Devkund

Devkund is located at the dense forest of Similipal Wildlife Park and is believed to be one of the cultural destinations of the state which is visited by many religious enthusiasts every year. It is said to be the home of Goddess Ambika whose idol was later on shifted to the Ambika Temple of Bripada.

The Ambika Maa temple at Devkund is said to be of great importance and as per legends it is said that the Goddess here is being worshiped from the yoni, which is the sex organ of females. Often it is being noticed that there flows white colored liquid which is said to be coming out of the yoni of the Goddess, and people here believe that during that time the goddess experiences the periodical cycles but as per the scientific researches it suggests that the water that flows here is due to the level of mercury which comes out of the earth crust at Devkund increases and which changes the color of the water of the kund. Similipal being rich in natural and mineral heritages these sort of chemical experiences are common. Tourists and devotees from various part of the country flock here to spend their time in the lap of nature and experience the divinity of the temple and nature.

Devkund is also known for being the Shaktipeeth and is famous for the Tantricism. Near the temple of Goddess Ambika the mesmerizing waterfall. Goddess Ambika was the deity Goddess of the tribes residing here at the time of Mahabharata and was also the main deity of the King Viraat. There is another tourist attraction named as Udala, which is believed to have its deep root in the history of India’s mythology. As per the historical evidences and the researchers suggests, the Pandavas, during there “ekaanta-waas” of 14 years, spent there last year in the area of province of King Viraat. He historical place, Udala is located at around 10km from the Devkund. Also there is a historical tree known as Shami, situated here which is believed to be the place where the Pandavaas used to keep their weapons.

There is also a popular belief that one can regain his vitality strength and good health who baths in the famous Devkund. The water not only carries rich minerals but also the extracts of medicinal herbs available in plenty in the heart of Similipal. 

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