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Tourist Spots in Baripada

Baripada is the headquarters of the district of Mayurbhanja and one of the prominent cities of Odisha. The city of Baripada is blessed with several natural wonders and is also a holistic tourist destination, visited by thousands of tourist from across the country every year. It is also said that the trip to Odisha is incomplete if the locale of Baripada is left unvisited.

Tourist Spots in Baripada

Baripada is situated on the foothills of the famous mountain ranges of Similipal known for the Similipal wildlife Park. The city of Baripada is also equipped with some of the better accommodation facility that serves the tourists a comfortable stay. Famous for the tourist various natural attractions Baripada is also known as the “Dwitiya Srikshetra” which means the second home of Lord Jagannath. Baripada celebrates the replica of the Grand Car festival of Puri with equal spirit and enthusiasm and hence is also denoted to have the second location in the world that celebrates the Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Shubhadra in the grandest manner. Also known for the world famous dance form of ‘Chau’ Baripada is rich in cultural as well as the natural heritage.

Similipal Wildlife Park in Baripada

The Similipal Wildlife Park is said to one of the magnificent sanctuaries of the country, located in the District of Mayurbhanja of Odisha. The Similipal national park has derived its name from the reddish silk-cotton shrubbery which is found in bulk on the hills of Similipal. The wildlife park is spread over an area of around 2,785 square kilometers with the core area of the park being around 843 square kilometers. The Similipal Wildlife Park is in the region of a plateau and is also surrounded by many low peaks as well. The Park is also blessed with many waterfalls and of all the two of the most famous are the Joranda Waterfall and the Barehipani waterfall.

The Similipal Wildlife Park is said to be a habitat for several species and most of them are the endangered ones. As per the survey done there are some 100 of Royal Bengal Tigers, more than 430 untamed elephants and several species of Gaurs and Chausingas are also found. The Similipal National park is opened for the visitors from October 1st till the June 15th and for the permission to get into it, one can obtain it from the Range Officer at the Pithabata check gate after paying nominal charges as fees.

Haripur in Baripada

King Harihar Bhanj of the Bhanja Dynasty is the founder of the former capital of Mayurbhanj, City of Haripur, in the year 1400 AD. Haripur is located at a distance of 15kms from the city of Baripada. Haripur is famous for the brick temple known as the Rasikaraya. The ruins of the Queen Ranihansapura of the Bhanja dynasty can be seen inside the temple premises. There are these two more famous temples at Haripur, the Lord jagannath Templa and the temple of Radhamohan which was built in the style of Goudiya architecture.

Jashipur in Baripada

The tourist destination of Jashipur is situated at a distance of around 90kms from the city of Baripada. It is located on one of the entrance points of the Tiger Reserve of Simlipal on the NH-6 (National Highway). The Jashipur is known for the Crocodile nurturing centre and it also provides accommodations to the visitors visiting the Similipal Wildlife Park. There are several motels and hotels proving the accommodation facilities. Also it connects the Similipal with the rest of the state by the road ways that crosses its area.

Khiching in Baripada

The famous Goddess Kichakeswari Temple is located at the village called Khiching which is situated at around 150kms from the city of Baripada. Goddess Kichakeswari is believed to be the deity of the Bhanja dynasty which ruled the Mayurbhanj in past for years long. The temple of Goddess Kichakeswari is very much unique due to its architectural importance. The temple is built of the black solid chlorite. There are several other temples located nearby which are built in the Kalinga style of the architecture and are also actively worshipped.

Another attraction of Khiching is the temple of Goddess Chamunda, who is believed to be the incarnated for of Goddess Shakti. The temple of Chamunda is said to be built up in the Oriyan style of architecture and also displays several inscriptions on the walls of the temple which portrays the events that happened during the Bhanja dynasty rulings. There are the ruins of the bhanja dynasty which are still found in the temple premises on the western part of the Chamunda temple.

Jwalamukhi Temple in Baripada

The temple of Jwalamukhi is believed to be one amongst the 51 Shakti Peethas located in the Indian sub-continent. The Jwalamukhi temple is dedicated to the Maa Shakti who is also known as the Goddess of Light or the goddess of flames. Jwalamikhi is the word used for the volcano which replicates the Flames and fire. It is said that the Jwalamukhi Temple has a flame burning in the rock chamber and is also a symbol of devotion towards the deity.

About the Jwalamukhi Temple it is said that the temple is basically a Hindu temple but it was once gifted by the Mughal Emperor, a dome which is made of pure gold. The dome is still present in the temple. The famous festival being celebrated at the Jwalamukhi Temple is the festival of Navaratri, during the months of September-October. The months between April till November is said to be the best time to visit the Jwalamukhi Temple.

Bhimakunda in Baripada

Located on the Dhenkikote, Bhimakunda is one of the mesmerizing tourist spot of Baripada. It is situated on the Odisha State Highway – 11 and is around 160kms from the main city of Baripada. It is very near to the Booring Village and is the place where Baitarini River gets down and forms a pool. This is one of the most sacred pools of the state and has several legends related with it. The kund is said to have its connection with that of the time of Mahabharata. It is believed that Bhima who was one of the Pandavas was the one who used to take bath in this kunda. And this is the reason the kunda is named after him, the Bhimakunda. There are cab services available from the city of Baripada that connects it with the rest of the parts of the state.

Manatri in Baripada

The temple of Manatri is another major attraction of Baripada located at the distance of around 45kms from the main city of Baripada. The entire area surrounding the Manatri temple is full of the scenic beauty created by various channels that surround the temple which attracts thousands of visitors. The best time to visit the Manatri temple is said to be the months of February and the March. Being a Shiva temple the Manatri temple celebrates the festival of Shivratri with grand fiesta. The festival of Shivratri is celebrated here for 10 long days and it is one of the major attractions of the temple.

Devkund in Baripada

One of the most spectacular sights of Baripada is said to be seen at the Devkund. The flow of the waterfall mesmerizes the visitors and hence it is also one of the major tourist spots of Baripada. Located at a distance of around 57kms from the main city of Baripada the Devkund is famous for the waterfalls and the temple of Goddess Ambika at the hill top. The idol of Goddess AMbika from the temple has now been shifted to the Baripada Ambika temple although the place is still as sacred as it was ever. Devkund is located at the foot step of the Similipal forest range. Jut near the Ambika temple there is this famous Devkund waterfall which is almost 52ft tall and is one of the ideal places for picnic.

Rairangapur in Baripada

The famous Lord Jagannath temple of Baripada is located at the Rairangapur. The temple of Jagannath has its own importance in the history of Baripada. The village of Rairangapur is located at a distance of 78 km from the main city Baripada which is very much connected to the city by excellent bus services. The famous festival of the Rairangapur village is the Ratha yatra and it is said that the Jagannath Rath Yatra that takes place here is one of the most spectacular festivals of the entire state and is also the second most grand rath yatra of the three deities of the Jagannath temple in the world. The Puri Jagannath is the most amazing festivals of Odisha and the Rath yatra of Rairangapur, Baripada is the second grandest festival of the state.

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