History of Baripada

Baripada is one of the ancient cities of Odisha which was also the former capital of the Bhanja Dynasty. The city of Baripada has very much that connects it with the history of Odisha and has been one of the major destinations for several revolutions and movements that have taken place in the past.

Baripada is also known for the temple and the historical monuments which are situated here. The temple of Godess Kichakeswari at Khiching is believed to be ages old and Goddess Kichakeswari was the deity of the Bhanja Dynasty.

The Kichakeswari Temple is built of pure chlorite and is one of the unique examples of the architecture of the state of Odisha. Being the capital of the Bhanja Dynasty the city of Baripada was believed to be formed in the 14th century and even today the remaining of several dynasties and kingdoms can be found in and the nearby places of Baripada city. The monuments of ancient time also include the famous temple of Rasikaraya along with the Darbar halls of then Bhanja Dynasty rulers which are some of the most important historic spots of Baripada and the tourists from across the country visit them.

History of Baripada

Historic Bhanja Architecture of Baripada Monuments

The present building if the Collectorate and the Maharaja Purnachandra College are said to be some of the finest examples of the history of Baripada and the Bhanja Architecture, with which these buildings and structures have been carved out, centuries before. The temples and monuments which were built in that era are still in use and some of the temples are still being visited by the devotees to worship the deities residing in them. The architecture and designs with which these temples structures have been carved out are believed to be magnificent, especially the temple of Goddess Kichakeswari which is said to be one of the sacred goddess of the Bhanja Dynasty which ruled the present Mayurbhanja district for ages. The temple is accompanied by a small museum which has some of the very precious historical specimens of art and sculpture are stored and secured.

Baripada - A Major Part of Mayurbhanja

Mayurbhanja has always been an important district of Odisha even after the freedom of the country from the British rule. On 1st January of 1949 the district of Mayurbhanja got merged with the state of Odisha. The district of Mayurbhanja is also the largest district of Odisha in terms of land area and the area covered under forest. There used to be the palaces of the Bhanja dynasty kings in the city of Baripada and at Khiching, near Baripada. Maharaja Shri Krushna Chandraa Bhanja Deo, the former king of Mayurbhanja is said to be the first king who initiated the railway communication in the state of Odisha. Then the narrow gauge railway network was established which connected Baripada with Chennai-Howrah corridor.
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